9 Steps You Must Take for Your Website or Application to Achieve a Good Income for Your Business

A photo from Unsplash about people sketching designs for an app.
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Who is going to use this website or app?

Let’s say you are designing your business website for small businesses or startups. Picture a person, who is a small business or startup founder, and give this person a name, Erykah. It’s personable and forces you to think about your user rather than yourself.

A photo from Unsplash with a female customer paying with her phone from a male business owner.
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A photo from Unsplash of a female business owner with a phone in front of an elevator pitching her business.
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An image of a copy of the User-centred Design Canvas Mini Guide, designed by Propel Innovations, a UX Service helping businesses improve on their website or app’s user experience and become future-proof (Copyright 2021 Propel Innovations, Source: therectangles.com)



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