How the Right Customer Journey Can Help Boost Your Sales

Junie BP
3 min readMay 17, 2022

A customer journey is the series of steps a consumer takes when they are in the process of purchasing a product or service on your website or app. The journey starts with the first contact and follows up to the point where they make their purchase decision.

It is important to design a user-friendly experience that will encourage the customer to buy, book, or sign up for your services online. The right customer journey will help you boost your sales and revenue.

If you’re noticing your customers are clicking a section of your website and not buying from you, not completing booking your services or not signing up to your services, then they’re telling you what’s not working on your website or app.

This is a slide from a webinar presentation Propel Innovations gave for Business Station. The image has a darker blue background on the left-hand side and a white background on the right-hand side. On the left-hand side, there’s a lighter blue circle with text. The text says: “User Experience Satisfaction”. On the right-hand side, there’s a light blue circle and inside this circle there is the number 400 percent. Under this circle, there’s text that says: “conversion rate when you intentionally have excellent user experience (UX).” At the bottom, it says: SOURCE: “32 Eye-Opening User Experience Stats for Avoiding Bad UX”, Website Builder;

How do you ensure you’re not losing valuable revenue opportunities?

It is important to understand your customers’ buying cycle before you start designing your website or app. This will allow you to create a better user experience for your customers and increase sales revenue.

Here are three tips to boost your sales for your business:

You are not your user

A bad user experience can turn a customer away from your business. You are not going to be purchasing your own products nor booking your own appointments. Your idea of a nice design of your website is not entirely the same idea of a nice design for your users. Instead, speak to your users and uncover your users’ minds, emotions and motivations. By knowing their previous experiences with similar businesses, you’ll know what frustrations they’ve encountered and you’ll avoid creating those same frustrations for them with your business.

Know your users’ expectations

When you speak to your users, you discover what they like or don’t like and why. You want to meet your users’ expectations to turn them into paying customers. If users can’t work out how to do something on your website or app, your website and app become useless for your users and discourages them. And, what happens, they leave to never return.

This is a slide from a webinar presentation Propel Innovations gave for Business Station. The image has a darker blue background on the left-hand side. There’s a white circle and in that white circle, there’s a UX sign surrounded by a mobile phone. In the middle of the slide, there’s a graphic that says “Why Users Leave Your Website or App”. At the bottom of this graphic, there’s a screenshot of a comment about why users leave your website or app from a lady who shared her experience in e-commerce and the online world, where businesses had poor usability and customer never returned because they couldn’t complete all tasks.

Ask a range of crucial questions to build the right website for your users

You want to engage with your customers from the very beginning of designing your website or app. Create a list of questions you want your customers to answer when speaking to them. Each question needs to be followed by a “WHY” so you know the reason behind what your users like or don’t like. Your users’ answers will validate your assumptions about how your website can meet their expectations.

Want to discover what’s keeping your users engaged and pinpoint where things can go wrong? Let’s chat!

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